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What is Reeply and how does it work?

Reeply is an online platform that allows users to compete in challenges and contests or apply for job offers and internships, by recording a quick video response, called a "Reeply". Business customers can post these opportunities on the platform and set the questions they want applicants to answer. Users can record their Reeply, answering each question one by one, with a maximum of 30 seconds per question. Business customers can then review the Reeply to see if the user is a good fit for their opportunity.

Who can create opportunities on Reeply and how many can they post?

Only paying business customers can create opportunities on Reeply. The number of opportunities they can post depends on the payment plan they choose. Non-paying users cannot create opportunities, but they can create unlimited Reeplies to apply for opportunities.

Which industries or businesses can post opportunities on Reeply?

We do not exclude any business or industry. Any company can post opportunities on Reeply as long as they do not promote illegal activities.

What happens to user data on Reeply?

All user data is stored on Amazon AWS servers in Europe. Reeply does not sell any data to third parties. Public Reeplies do not share personal data. Information, such as location, phone number, email address, and CV, will only be visible to the business customer who posted the opportunity in their personal inbox.

What analytics or tracking tools does Reeply offer for business customers?

Currently, Reeply does not have any applicant tracking or analytics tools. However, business customers can search for talented individuals by going through all public Reeplies in the Reeply-feed. They can also check out the user's profile and see all their posts, public Reeply, bio, profile picture, etc to get a better picture.

How are public Reeplies displayed on the platform, and can users interact with or give feedback on them?

Public Reeplies can be found in the Reeply-feed and are also displayed in the general feed if the user already follows the creator of the public reeply. They can also be found on the individual user's profile page. Users can react to posts, reeplies, and opportunities by leaving a like, commenting, or sharing.

How are business customers verified on Reeply?

Currently, there are no special measures to verify business customers. They will be verified with a short video interview.

What languages and regions is Reeply available in?

Reeply is currently only available in English and will support more languages in the future. It will be available all over Europe but will most likely start out in the Netherlands and Germany.

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